Dale Cottage by Mark Kinnish

This photo is of Dale Cottage which is at the original entrance to the Farm to where it is today before the car park was built a number of years ago. Dale Cottage goes back to around the 1930’s and was built by George McGrath the then Farmer and owner of Dale Farm he built that place the old holiday bungalow and the now bootshed and cooler which back then was the old cow shed or in other words the shippon. George built the Old Dale Cottage Bungalow but because he lived in the Farmhouse he needed to rent it out. He had a couple of tenants one by the name of Donald and Kitty Cameron, also family. There were another couple but I was told they weren’t sure who they were. What I do know is a number of bombs were dropped round the Dales and Dale Cottage got a direct hit with one, no one was hurt though. Then from the 1940’s till early 2000’s it was owned by the Callisters Ena and Bob. Bob died in the 60’s and Ena died in the early 2000’s. Since then it has been used as the rangers office.
By Mark Kinnish.
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