August bumper crop

Not quite as hot as July but just the right mix of sunshine and rain to get the weeds racing against the crops.  It has also meant some bumper crops particularly of black currants.

We have spent some time taking monumental weeds out of the potatoes and Swedes.  As the crops are being cleared so we have started digging over plots for autumn crops or a covering of rye grass for the winter.

Most of the hives are out at Llandegla and Spital on the Wirral to take advantage of heather and river balsam.  They will be back at the end of September

As preparation for digging and hedge cutting Jeff has taken advantage of the all hands harvesting to clean and sharpen the spades and shears. Jeff, our volunteer who works on our maintenance programmes, has just finished sharpening all the gardening tools which were in desperate need of attention – hedge and edging shears, hoes, spades and shovels.  They are now ready for use again but he warns that great care should be taken when using them as they are now sharp!  To keep them in good condition all those who use them should clean them after use, this helps to keep them sharp, and then replace the tools in the correct place in the container.  It makes sense as it is easier for everyone to find the right tool and they will all then be ready for use.

There was a well attended Volunteer evening on the 15th.  As most volunteers attend on the same day each week this provides a welcome opportunity for us all to meet socially.

The Hillbark Hotel is the only five star hotel in the LiverpoolCity region and the smallest five star in the UK. The Royden Park Project have been providing the hotel with fresh herbs for their kitchen for a while now. We are now hoping to expand on this and include fresh organic seasonal vegetables from Dale Farm.

We have now moved our shop into the new log cabin now and work is about to start on the prep room (old shop). We are awaiting delivery of the chiller counter for the new shop and we will be in a position to order the cold room soon.

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